Personal information: Date of birth: January 25, 1958, Marital status: married. Have 2 sons. Permanent address: Kyiv, Ukraine.
Portfolio Cell phone: +38 063 070 2843
e-mail: Skype: virtuasn1

Salary desired: Salary desired: £5000 per month.

Education: 09/1975 – 06/1980 The Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry, specialization technological engineer.
Research experience: The strength stabilization of high-frequency welding joints of polyamide-66 presupposition.
Work experience: 10/2015 – at the present time ARTEM State Joint Stock Holding Company, Kyiv, defense industry: leading design engineer, design and construction of artillery projectiles&shells, calculations of the Laval nozzles for rockets, production monitoring.
01/2008 – 03/2015 ISTC INTREK Ltd, Kyiv: Chief technical designer. Responsibility: design and development of industrial plants and metal buildings (Ruukki) in the Power generation industries, pipelines for Oil, Air-water mixture, Hydraulic mixer for Oil sludge and Oil Pipeline, rotary pulsation machine, production plant for the production of biologically active solutions, extruder, pumping devices, electric motors, valves, filters, equipment under pressure, industrial equipment, metal frames, steel constructions, strengthening and concreting of the coasts, fish protection equipment systems, floating pumping stations, concreting of piles, foundations, anchor bolts, calculation of steel structures and Pipelines. Implemented projects and production monitoring: Troizk, GRES and more then 39 projects.
09/2007–12/2007 UTTS Ltd, Kyiv: technical designer, metal framework, Kiosk for bus stop, metalplastic windows, fire-prevention doors, production monitoring.
02/2007 – 09/2007 Polyservice-Agrozapchast Ltd, Kyiv: Chief mechanical designer, designing gear box, gears: Spur, Bevel, Hypoid for combine Case IH, CLAAS, New Holland, John Deere, production monitoring.
11/2004 – 02/2007 Company REN Ltd, Kyiv: Chief mechanical designer, designing gear box, gears: Spur, Helical, Bevel, Worm, Hypoid, gear: External, Internal. Implemented projects and production monitoring: Krivoy Rog, mining and processing integrated works, complex of 49 tons, shaft, gear box, asterisks for a chain; Drogobich autocrane plant, gear box, exports to Vietnam.
04/2004 – 10/2004 NVK Private Enterprise Ltd, Kyiv. Computer Systems Engineer. Administrating the local network based on Windows XP, Linux Redhat Server, managing SQL-compatible databases, installation of pumping equipment, pumps, boilers, swimming pools, alarm systems, sewage. Installation of heating systems: Buderus, Vissmann, Vaillant, Junkers, Weishaupt, MTS.
02/1994 – 04/2004 Grotex Ltd, Kyiv, Ukrainian-German Daughter Enterprise of American company «Capital Mercury Apparel»: Engineer. Production and export clothing in USA, production monitoring. Administrating the local network based on Windows XP. Program for stock calculation in Visual Basic for Applications developer. Business trips on enterprises and supervision of production: more than ten cities.
04/1987 – 02/1994 The Scientific-Industrial Company Vesta, Kyiv: I category Engineer-designer. Designing gear box, Worm gears, refrigerators 363,15 K, household electrical machines and devices. Business trips on enterprises and implemented projects: the Mission Control Center, NPO Energiya (aerospace), the ministry of defense of the RSFSR; electro-mechanical enterprise (Pskov, Murom), production monitoring.
09/1980 - 04/1987 Technological designing bureau of light industry, a department of sewing-knitted manufacture, Kyiv: The III category Engineer-designer. Designing pilers, transporters, conveyors, carts, racks, metal framework, flooring complexes for fabric, gear box. Business trips on enterprises and implemented projects: more than forty cities, production monitoring on KOEMZ, Kiev.
Special skills:
• development cad drawings for machinery and equipment with AVEVA PDMS, CATIA, Solid Edge ST3, SW, Autodesk 3Ds Max, Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, Unigraphics NX, T-Flex, Inventor Fusion, Pro-E/CREO Simulate, FEMAP, Tekla Structures, STAAD-Pro, Nemetschek Allplan, Ansys, Kompas 3D, developer programs for calculation of gear box, Novikov tooth profile, asterisks for chains, strength calculations of metal beams, hydraulics, thermodynamics, heat transfer;
• Supercalc 5.5 (experience: 8 years);
• Word, Excel, Visual Basic for Applications, PowerPoint (experience: 20 years);
• Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Pro, HTML, CSS (experience: 6 years);
• PHP, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin (experience: 11 years);
• Adobe Photoshop, 3ds Max, Oracle Database (experience: 1-year);
• JavaScript, jQuery, Linux Ubuntu, Git bash (experience: half-year);
• Basic, Assembler, Turbo Pascal, Delphi (experience: half-year);
• Linux Mandrake (experience: 2-year);
• Linux Red Hat, Linux openSUSE (experience: 5-year).
Worked with CMS:
• Drupal, Wordpress (experience: 11 years);
• Joomla, Smarty (experience: 2-year);
• Moodle, Opencart (experience: 1-year);
• creating an online store (experience: 1-year);
• Viruses&malware killer (experience: 11-year);
• Security Analyst (experience: 1-year);
Worked with local server:
• VertrigoServ (experience: 11-year);
• WAMP (experience: 1-year).
Organizations, activities:
• Feedjit Inc., Seattle, WA, USA, 05/2016
Security analyst, test project, virus removal on the test page on a server in Pennsylvania, USA, removed 310 viruses, in 40 minutes manually.
• Film project “Child, for myself”, Kievtelefilm, Kiev, 10/2014
Web Designer, 7 pages for search engine imitation on computer, laptop and smartphone while shooting, for 2 days.
Foreign languages – English, Germany.
Certificates: Certificate of qualification as a draftsman-detailers, 1975.
Memberships: Registered in the world’s largest online destination for engineers for searching parts from suppliers, standards documents in New York and in the database of spare parts for combine harvesters in the Netherlands.
Publications: Collection of "Bulletin of Science, National Technical University of Ukraine", "Kiev Polytechnic Institute". A series of "Chemical Engineering, ecology and conservation of resources", Kiev, 2009 Bulgakov B., Bulgakov A., Pryimak V., & other. Features of the application of fish protection devices.
Calculation of the pipe wall thickness for strength
Calculation of the pump unit
Hobbys: karate, acrobatics, films. I write poetry in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, French, Belorussian, Japanese.
Ready to be as mobile as necessary to contribute to the efficiency and profitability of the company.


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