Clip Art

Victor Priymak.
Shootings in the clip on October 29, 2013 in Kiev, the Little Red Riding Hood art club, Proreznaya St. 8: director Semyon Gorov,
producer Arthur Vafin, Sergey Avdeev,
operator V. Shklyarevsky,
Performer: Taisiya Povaly
Clip: "Календарь любви"
Verses: Mikhail Gutseriev. Music: Igor Azarov:
Расцвела, отцветая, черемуха белая. Мокрый вечер ласкает обиды мои. И калина одна, одинокая, спелая, Просто нет, не осталось, твоей любви. А календарь любви не возвращается, Одни уходят дни. Любовь твоя со мною попрощается, И больше нет любви. Потеряла тебя, заигралась, не надо бы, Слишком много и разных бывало с тобой. Больно мне и темно, всё идёт одинаково, Я молчу, я люблю, возвращайся домой. А календарь любви не возвращается, Одни уходят дни.
съемки в клипе, Таисия Повалий, Календарь любвисъемки в клипесъемки в клипесъемки в клипепосле съемок в клипеперерыв между дублями

St. Petersburg


St. Petersburg, 23-30 June 2013

Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol Region

In Nevinnomyssk catalpas have faded, young trees have faded, and huge trees still blossom. Unfortunately I was too lazy to photograph this miracle. Here the photo from Odessa, the reference Catalpa



November 28, 2016 Goodbye Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)!
October 26, 2016 Yesterday I became a partner of IHS Markit Global Headquarters, London, UK
December 20, 2016 Thank you very much, Mark! It is one more, let small, but a victory of Ukraine!
January 1, 2017 A good English proverb: one can not know everything. Trump knows "things that other people don't know..."
March 20, 2017 President Trump describes Russian President Vladimir Putin as "one tough cookie" in an interview days before FBI Chief James Comey testifies before Congress about Russian meddling in the 2016 election. CNN
9 May 2017 Unlike Anonymous, I am open. I also don't forgive and don't forget.

Volume applique of autumn leaves


Volume applique of autumn leaves, the artist Natalia Priymak, varnish, glue, mountain ash, acorns, chestnuts, roses from maple leaves
Volume applique of autumn leavesVolume applique of autumn leaves

Art Exhibition


2nd Annual exhibition of paintings was held in the Church of St. Catherine, Str. Lutheran 24 (German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ukraine) from 17 to 24 June 2012 The exhibition presents new works Priymak Natalia, 12 paintings in the style of painting Petrykivka, Petrikov painting on wood, soft toys, embroidery, painting on fabric.
art exhibitionFlowers, painting, drawing paper, acrylicFlowers, painting, drawing paper, acrylicFlowers, painting, drawing paper, acrylicFlowers, Petrikov painting, black cardboard, acrylic

3D visualization

Cylindrical vertical tank, 250 m3Cylindrical 
vertical tank
Troitsk, industrial building 9x3,5 m2Troitsk, industrial building 
Primer cup
Nose fuze V-429
Centrifugal Pumps SDM. Impeller
Horizontal cylindrical tank, 250 m3
Cylindrical vertical tank, 250 m3
Ditch of the supply canal of a water intake
Rectangular tank, 2 mixer
Filter for floating pumping station
3 Way valve
Fish protection devices system, piping system


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