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Calculation of the pipe wall thickness for strength


initial data Liquid Water Estimatedwall temperature +5оС material: AISI 304 Subsea pipeline An increase to the wall thickness Operating gain pipe outer diameter of 133 mm or more C21 =3 mm. The estimated thickness of the pipe wall tc = p0Da/(2σφ) +c1+c2= 0,913·133/(2·173.73·1)+0.45=0,8 mm where
p0 – design pressure in the conduit, MPa,
p0 = (pi – pg min) + Δ p=1,0-0,087=0,913 MPa,
pi =1,0 MPa – the internal operating pressure of the pipeline;
pg min – minimum external hydrostatic pressure in the pipeline, MPa;
Δ p – additional pressure is calculated taking into account the pressure medium breakaway transported in the pipeline and / or water hammer pressure in the pipe, MPa.
pg min= ρw · g · (dmin – hw / 2) · 10–6=999,99 · 9,81 · 8.9 · 10–6=3,27 м=0,087 MPa;
where ρw =999.99 kg/m3, density of the water;
g =9,81 m/c2 – acceleration of gravity;
dmin =8.9 m - the minimum level of quiet water along the pipeline route, taking into account the tidal conditions and surges with the provision 10–2 1/year;
hw =0 m, the estimated wave height on the projected area of the pipeline;
Da =133 mm - outer diameter of pipe.
Allowable stress σ must be made equal to the lower of:
σ = min (Ry/ny , RT/nT),
where Ry=205 MPa - the minimum value of the yield strength of the metal pipe;
RT=510 MPa the minimum value of the tensile strength of the metal pipe;
ny=1,18 - safety factor of yield strength;
nT=1,75 safety factor for tensile strength.
σ = min(205/1,18 , 510/1,75)
σ = min(173,73 , 291,43);
φ – safety factor, determined according to the method of manufacturing a pipe, a safety factor of φ is taken equal to 1.0 for seamless pipes.
c1 =0 mm, – corrosion allowance for subsea pipelines made of stainless steels and alloys;
c2 =0,45 mm – gain compensating manufacturing tolerances for manufacturing pipes, mm.
Calculated taking into account the thickness of the wall of increases tc + C21 =0,8+3=3,8 mm
The wall thickness of the pipe diameter 133 mm accepted 4 mm.


1.РД 10-249-98 "Нормы расчета на прочность стационарных котлов и трубопроводов пара и горячей воды"
2.Правила классификации и постройки морских подводных трубопроводов Российского морского регистра судоходства от 28.02.12.

Chief technical designеr Priymak Victor

Calculation of the pump unit

initial data liquid water temperature t =5оС; density of water ρ=999,99 kg/m3; kinematic viscosity of water ν=0,0152 cm2/s; Hydraulic calculation of pipelinePipe diameters are determined by the recommended a calculated rate of water movement in them. The calculated velocity is adopted in accordance with the Table
Pipe diameters, mmRecommended the calculated velocity of water in the pipes, m/s
in the suction linein the discharge line
≤ 2500,7…1,00,8…2,0
> 8001,2…2,01,5…4,0
Calculated pipe diameter suction line. The average velocity of the fluid V=0,7…1,0 m/s, d1=(4Q)0.5/(π∙V)0.5=(4∙0.061)0.5/(π∙0.7)0.5=0.333 m d1=(4∙0.061)0.5/(π∙1)0.5=0.279 m Estimate the diameter of the pipe, the pressure line V=0,8…2,0 m/s d2=(4∙0.061)0.5/(π∙0.8)0.5 =0.311 m d2=(4∙0.061)0.5/(π∙2)0.5 =0.197 m where Q =0,061m3/s– pump performance (specified flow rate); Rated power at the pump shaft NВ=ρ•g•Q•H•10-3/η=1000•9,81•0,061•53•10-3/0,7= 45,39 kW, where g =9,81m/s2— acceleration of gravity; H = 53 m – pump design head;
η - pump efficiency. Estimated nominal motor power Nm=NВ/(ηc•ηm)=45,39/(0,96•0,92)=51,39 kW, where ηc - Coupling efficiency; ηm - motor efficiency. Rated power of the motor mounting Nmount=β•Nm= 1,2•51,39 = 61,67 kW, where β=1,2 - power factor of safety for the pressure line pipe diameter 0,2 m. Victor Priymak Chief technical designеr.


Facade of the Yacht Club, 3000 m2, Sketch, graffiti artist Alex Priymak.
Facade of the Yacht ClubFacade of the Yacht Club, SketchFacade of the Yacht Club, SketchFacade of the Yacht Club, SketchFacade of the Yacht Club, Sketch



acrobatic wheel

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain, July 26 - August 6, 2014
Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain


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